At a ball, once, dancing.


I eat this apple like flesh, in gnashing form

Be afraid of fear itself, its enough.

Are we to devour, first our firsts and second those men

who were to hold our coats and pistols?

How had these timbers swelled against the storm.

They are to turn tables into thieves

and take manacle-fashioned falchions to the faucets.


Bring me bodies of water,

hard-like, the rollers run along

and mountain monster who

churn our salty earth to stone,

to make a choice of that otherwise


speak a story without end until bending

with parched and crippled tongue.

Get over this next hell and fifty more,

For the end I’ve brought sugar packets and a canteen:

water to pour and a stick, for stirring.


Riding low slung in that saddle

Bearing don on the valley burned shadows,

with those click-clacking creatures below

And Death rides a horse like this and

comes along to every road alike.

Parting and tearing and giving way,

hacking and spraying and coated to coming

along this road of red dead thing-making

that swallow with missing throats

grasping hands and flesh and objects,

all objects out of them and all. All.

When this is done we end again,

cloths on sleeves and scabbarded swords.


The Devil keeps time in parallel lines.


See me through this observatory

you unfettered mighty moment

and harangue this hallowed hero

to home, a blistering wind.

To say: who can care? I don’t know, and

can’t. Begin, cannot, to run

gamuts and bring my several sounds

in which I’m born to breed

just a juxtaposition

–wait, wait a moment–

hardly a heart in that cavity.

Eloi, Eloi.


Hark a haiku and stark

stark, burning bright, and lowly

we light our torches with the night

and bring them heavy down.

Death is just another man at a bar telling you he failed at all things

asks what truths you have trussed up in your pockets

it will play this way, let it go.

Your heart is a millicent steed setting out upon the storm,

This is what life was like before you were born.


When you deliver please deliver me,

in this wandering land of strangers

and loud noise to cacophony

of harsh and jarring fireworks.

Let each of us without sin say so.

And go commit some;

No. Wait. I remembered that wrong

and you learned it rote for eternity

Turn this world inside out and burn it

if you please.


How did it get to be so late in the day?


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